Neutrogena Come Hot, Stay Fresh


A digital campaign set by temperature


The 90-year-old brand Neutrogena was about to launch a brand new sunscreen formula and came to R/GA to help evolve their brand to reflect and fuel their disruptive position in the category. Its formula that offers high protection and an invisible, light-weight feel on your skin, so no matter the temperature, you're covered. So we decided to remake of a timeless Brazilian song 'Come hot as I am boiling' and launch a campaign that would change as the temperature went up.


R/GA + Neutrogena
Creative Direction Saulo Rodrigues, Rafael Freire
Art Direction Pleemo & Wanter Costa
Copy Babi Puttini
Production O2 Filmes

Untitled-4nArtboard 7 copy
Untitled-9Artboard 7


We took a classic Brazilian song and reinvented it  - different rhythms, different art direction & style - all according to the temperature.


Untitled-12Artboard 9
Untitled-8Artboard 11
Untitled-14smallArtboard 13
Untitled-18patiArtboard 12
Untitled-13Artboard 2 copy 5
Untitled-3ffArtboard 6




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A collection of recent work by Art Director Patricia Lee Mo 


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